About Us

Financial Laboratory is a team, staffed with professionals, distinguished and trustful partner on the market. Abrupt mastering, absorbing and inculcating the innovations serves as the secret of the company’s success, which, in the meantime, ensures its ever growing development. We, the members of Financial Laboratory team, meet the customers on various stages, meaningful for them and launch the cooperation to create value that lasts. We blend expertise, experience and intellect to provide customers with tangible business outcomes.

Flexibility, high quality service and  maintaining the confidentiality are the major merits, our company holds. Flexibility enables us to individually tailor to the specifics of any projects, consider the  particularity, distinctive to every single activities, comprehend the customer’s views and resolve the issues critical to them as a result. High quality service serves as a precondition for our customers satisfaction, which enables us to build and strengthen the long-term relationship with  each of them. Whereas, maintaining the highest confidentiality assists us to maximize the customer’s trust. Since we have to analyze the information, pretty sensitive and strategic to clients.

We are experienced in working with the industries like FMCG, banks, micro-financial institutions, consulting firms, printing houses, insurance companies, Universities etc. In addition, we  have successfully implemented the projects for the international companies British American Tobacco, EBRD and Mckinsey. Successful collaborations like these ensures consumers trust to Financial Laboratory. If you wish to cooperate with us, but your business is small or medium sized and service cost  is one that hinders you, we can assist with this as well. Financial Laboratory has concluded the memorandums of cooperation with some of the largest international financial institutions, which enables us to fund major part of our service with the grants, provided by these international financial institutions, if we meet specific criteria.

We never stop and we are never satisfy with our achievements. We develop constantly and maintain the high quality performance.