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You are here and you have taken tha right path to your career! Manifesting your merits, skills and goals in Financial Laboratory, you will be capable of becoming successful. The most valuable and meaningful sources to our team is its every single members. We feel confident, that the success of Financial Laboratory lies on their tireless labor, thrust and aspiration towards the goals set. We consider, that our team is responsible for the corporate culture and glorious, professionally implemented projects. We embrace, that success of every single team member is a success of Financial Laboratory,  that is the reason of our endeavor to contribute in their continuous development, support them to acquire new skills, discover and properly use their potentials  and realize the knowledge gained. Along with the experienced coworkers, we constantly search for a pioneer, perspective professionals, to provide the company with a new life, mind and diverse views. We never afraid of challenges, love sharing our knowledge and supporting the motivated and  innovation-seeker people to build their careers. Fill out our membership application and we promise to overview it carefully. We will provide you with friendly environment and support  you to work  for your development, success and  individually tailored schedule. 

Other part of the vacancy

Share your resume. Don’t wait for a particular job opening. Upload your resume and we promise to recite to it carefully. We consider your candidacy and contact you immediately, if our interests meet.  

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Assistant to Financial Analyst

If you are  graduate  or undergraduate ( preferably in business administration, economics or finances), have high command of English language and master the Microsoft Office that V and H letters are not major difference between Vlookup and Hlookup for you. 
 And if you are distinguished by your personality like other members of our team:  
* High sense of responsibility and analytical thinking 
* Self-discipline;  
* Time management;
* Team worker;
* Confidential information maintaining and observing skill;  
Your major responsibilities are as follows: 
* Participation in devising the business plans, financial models and budgets;  
* Various financial model testing;
* Involvement in submitting the financial reporting to the state;  
* Relationship with banks and other financial institutions;  
* Procuring   information required for various purposes and working on diverse topics;

Fill Out The Application