Customer satisfaction is the major goal of ours.  That is the reason, we offer the service, individually tailored to the company’s needs.  We never fall within the contractual frames, while working on the project and are open to offer respective modification and render proper service,  when required. This helps us to build and make our long-run relationship stronger. Array of Financial Laboratory customers are diverse. You will meet the companies, which  trusted the success of their companies to us. Do the same!

In 2019, we decided that we had to establish managerial reporting for one of the most important segments of our portfolio and for its further optimization. Despite very large audit and multifunctional consulting companies also took part in the tender announced by us, we decided to cooperate with them due to the depth and flexibility of the Financial Laboratory's offer and the attitudes that were more tailored to our needs. The project has been very successful, and we plan to cooperate with the financial laboratory in many directions in the future.

Shalva Akhrakhadze's course "Financial Management" proposed by the Financial Laboratory Ltd. was adjusted from the beginning to the end, taking into account the qualifications of the employees of JSC "TBC Leasing" and the interests of the company. Through a direct, friendly environment and flexible learning format, employees were able to effectively apply the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice in a short period of time. Given the positive feedback from the team members, as well as the results obtained, JSC TBC Leasing is actively cooperating with the Financial Laboratory.

We initiated a business idea with several millions of initial investment. After careful research we chose LTD Financial Laboratory as a consulting firm for preparing the business plan for us. The project lasted for 2 months and during this cooperation we were very delighted with the quality of advices they shared and the product they delivered. The business plan covered all important aspects of the business. At the same time, it was backed with the very financial model. We used this business plan to receive the co-financing from one of the leading bank in Georgia. So we highly recommend Financial Laboratory for preparing the business plans and/or feasibility studies for any scale of business.