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How can we determine if we need your services?

If you allow us to get the information about your activities, challenges, and goals, we will be able to estimate the areas in which our cooperation may be useful for you, and what possible specific benefits our service will bring for you. You can rely on our advice because in dealing with customers we are always as sincere, objective and fair as possible. We have had cases where, after such an analysis, based on given specific data, we told our potential client that at that stage of business development it was no necessity for cooperating with us. In the end, we only gave him a few friendly tips.

What size companies do you serve? Do you have any restrictions on this matter?

Our services are important for both start-ups and small, medium and very large businesses in the market. That is why we have no restrictions on company sizes.

Is there a specific industry that the Financial Laboratory focuses on?

We don't focus on any particular single industry. We have work experience in industries such as FMCG, banks, microfinance organizations, consulting companies, insurance companies, printing houses, universities, etc; We have implemented projects on both the Georgian and international markets. No matter how unique or innovative your industry may be, we will be happy to serve you.

Can the cost of your service only be fixed?

The cost of our service may be variable, for example in the case of attracting capital, or in the case of our assistance in selling a business, the amount of the service may be determined by a pre-agreed interest. The agreement may also include variable and fixed components simultaneously. We try our best to adapt your preferences in this direction as well.

How long does it take to work on the specific project?

The timing of the project is determined by the scale of the project, the ways of receiving the information, the essence of the final product, the method of using that product, and other individually important parameters. Consequently, it is very difficult to set deadlines without considering details and project specifications. We had a project that lasted only 3 days, and a project that we actively worked on for 6 months.

In what language is the final product delivered to the customer?

We have no language barrier. The final product is delivered in Georgian, English or Russian languages. If the customer requires, the final product can be written in any other language too.

Do you have any restrictions on the location of the project?

The project can be implemented in any city or village of Georgia, as well as anywhere else in the world.

When working on a business plan, is the client obliged to provide complete information or do you research it by yourself?

Both ways of obtaining information are acceptable to us. We can find the information we need by ourselves about a particular business project, or the customer can provide answers to all the questions that will be essential during the working process.

Is it possible for a Financial Laboratory to help customers with fundraising?

Yes, we are ready to help customers attract capital from the Georgian or international market and obtain grants from international financial institutions too.

Where are your corporate training courses conducted?

We choose the location according to the customer's preferences. It is possible to conduct corporate training courses in your or our office or, through online space, or in any other audience, you'd like.

At what stage of cooperation is it possible to conclude a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Privacy is one of our core values. That is why we are glad to register a Non-Disclosure Agreement at any stage of the cooperation.