Why do you need a business plan for your organization?

Why do you need a business plan for your organization?

A Business plan is a strategic tool for entrepreneurs to make business ideas succeed, as it helps them set and achieve both short-term and long-term goals.

A good business plan can help business in planning operations efficiently and if there is a need of additional funds, in fundraising activities too. It can be a tool to sell the opportunity to invest in your business to potential funders.

If you are looking to raise funds through a loan from financial organizations, angel investors or venture capital, you will need a good written business plan to effectively present your ideas and objectives to the investors.

Business plan also is a tool for company management to compare and analyze the real data to expectations throughout particular time-frames and make corrections accordingly.

What do we offer?

Financial Laboratory is a team, staffed with professionals, distinguished and trustful partner on the market. With Strategic location in Tbilisi, Georgia, we provide our service to customers throughout the world.

Flexibility enables us to individually tailor to the specifics of any projects, consider the particularity, distinctive to every single activity, comprehend the customer’s views and resolve the issues critical to them as a result.

We create business structure specifically tailored under the needs of your business. We prepare a business plan with:

·         Detailed initial investments and structure,

·         Further operations,

·         Exit Strategies from business,

·         Evaluation of the business model with Corporate Finance Metrics,

·         All financial parameters on business profitability.

Our business plans help organizations:

·         Make a rational decisions regarding investments ,

·         Analyze and make valuation of  a business idea,

·         Attract and increase capital,

·         And more.

We believe that any business plan for any type of business is absolutely unique. 

Because of this we approach every business plan, every new business idea with individual approaches and make the plan from scratch for the investors. 

The anatomy of a good fundraising business plan

A fundraising business plan is a document that describes your fundraising goals, the tactics and roles you will use to achieve them. This is also a tool to measure your progress during the timelines you set. 

What should include the business plan aiming of fundraising?

Here are the essential sections:

1. The Goal

There can’t be a plan without goal; this is the starting and the end point altogether: What is your overall fundraising goal? 

It would be better to provide Fundraising goals for this year and for each of the next 3-4 years.

The financial numbers must meet certain needs of the business and shouldn’t come from the air.

Your plan has to contain information, how much money will you need to raise to achieve your objectives.

2. The Mission / Your Message

If the goal topic from your business plan answers the questions, such as: “How much money do you need”, the mission questions may be: “Why do you need that amount of money?, What do you plan to do with the funds? What is the mission of your company?

Detailed financial information regarding all these kind of questions will help you gain needed amount of funds.

3. The Tactics

One of the biggest challenges company may face is raising money for business ideas or growth. Once you provided how much money you need to raise and why you need it, you also will need to provide your tactics (methods) – how are you going to raise the full amount in need? What methods and approaches will you use for it this year, next couples of years?

Here are some main financial sources, you may consider:

1.      Finances from company founder / stock holders – the business plan are used to forecast the results and asses the profitability. 

2.      Investments – investors buy stack or shares in company

3.      Loan from banks and other financial organizations 

4.      Grants

5.      Crowdfunding

Some of the most effective fundraising tactics include:

·         Fundraising events

·         Social Media campaigns 

·         Door-to-Door Solicitation

·         Phone calls

·         Email marketing campaigns

You need to go in details and provide sub-goals for each tactics that adds up to you total objective. 

4. The Timeline

You may have a great mission and strategy, a solid budget, but fail to provide your action plan along with a clear timelines.

“Time is money” you need to delve into this expression when dealing with fundraising plan.

You need to be precise when dealing with timelines, not only provide a big picture, but also set a small and average time ranges throughout the process making the big goals a reality.

When working on business plan, remember, that Funders and financial organizations use to see numerous business plans and they will be very selective when dealing with yours, by making sure your business plan is drafted effectively and it contains all necessary information to make funders believe in you and make an informed decision, you will have the best chance to raise finances for your goals.

Need a business plan and don’t know how to start – contact our experts for consultation or let’s schedule a meeting here in our office, located in Tbilisi, Georgia